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The nice thing about reading is it starts at the top…that just happens to be where your ad is!

If timing is everything than luck just so has it that display advertising always allows your ad to be seen in the right place at the right time! Its effects can be instantaneous or down the road but the bottom line is that it’s placement, time shown and message are completely controllable and this is why banner advertising can and should be an important component of your search marketing strategy!

We can help you get direct clicks to your website and increase your brand awareness with our banner advertisement design and implementation services. Think of it like this, if you could put your advertisement in front of the most prequalified customers every time, wouldn’t you do it? We thought you might. We’ll put your ads at the top of targeted websites and you’ll reap the benefits on your bottom line!

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Clients Testmonials

  • Working with 72interactive is an enriching AND exasperating experience.

    Enriching, because the level of commitment and service is top notch. Exasperating, because a number of times, they will go beyond the brief and force you to think beyond what you are comfortable with which in turn leads to a much better deliverable.
    Arjun Nanda
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  • We had engaged Mr. Amit Shroff of 72 Interactive for designing and hosting of our web site, we found his ideas very creative and intuitive and our web site i.e. www. has come out very well and is being appreciated by one and all. We wish him success in all the projects he under takes.

    Badri Nath
    Competent Automobiles Co. Ltd.

  • The team at 72interactive took great care in designing our website and was very accommodating. We feel that they treated the development as their own, and frankly, we receive many comments from industry peers about its look and functionality.

    Wit Solberg,
    Mission Peak Capital,

  • We are extremely satisfied with the creative aspect 72interactive has provided us with, We wanted our website to look very professional, creative and different than other sites and we got what we wanted!.

    Managing Parter,
    Aristos Erevna,

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