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If you"re thinking about hiring an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company, the earlier the better! A great time to implement is when you"re considering a website redesign, or planning to launch a new website. That way, you and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company can ensure that your website is designed to be search engine-friendly from the bottom up. However, a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can also help improve an existing website ranking on search engines.

Our decade of experience translates into the ability to provide a clear explanation as to what exactly will be done to optimize your website for search engine, why it is beneficial and when you can expect to see increased ranking results for specific keyword, search terms and phrases. No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on any search engine. What we can guarantee is a completely open line of communication that shares with you all the changes we make to your website along with detailed information about our recommendations as well as the reasoning behind them!


Why use Search Engine Optimization Services?

In many instances small and midsized business are not 100% sure that SEO is the right solution for the online marketing needs, when in fact, there are very few instances where SEO is not a crucial and central part of an online marketing strategy for any company.

Hence designing and developing a phenomenal website is only half the picture, in order to bring traffic to the website, you need high ranking on the major search engines. The SEO exercise tweaks your website so that it becomes both search engine-friendly and visitor-friendly. The benefits of using SEO services are as follows:

  • Removal or minimization of roadblocks for search engine crawlers.

  • Properly optimised website means - all links function correctly and all pages are accessible to the engines, thus making your site easy for the engines to index and correctly categorise.

  • Freedom from black hat SEO tactics (unethical practices). This means that you need not be concerned about being penalized by search engines and seeing your website drop in ranking.

  • You can increase daily and unique visitors on your site by offering information related to their needs.

  • SEO is among the most cost-effective ways of marketing.

  • Once in place, a properly designed and optimised site should stay long term in the rankings compared to PPC where costs and outlay are ongoing and unpredictable.


Why does Search Engine Optimization Services Fails?

  • Have tons of links – The links are one of the most important components of the site. They connect the pages, they allow users to move from page to page and they flow PageRank juice. Having more than 100 links on a page is not recommended by major search engine guideline, since users will not be able to evaluate or visit all of them. Keep the number of links per page as low as possible and help users and search engines to focus on the most important pages.

  • Link all pages to all pages - One of the important factors in Google ranking algorithms is PageRank since it measures the importance of a page. Usually the page with the highest PageRank value is the homepage since it receives the most of the links. Nevertheless this does not mean that the internal pages that receive fewer or no external links can’t have high PageRank values. The PageRank flows from page to page through links. Thus by manipulating the link structure you determine which pages are most important. This is done by linking to the important pages directly from your homepage and by passing to them part of homepage authority. The higher number of links per page, the less amount of PageRank is passed to each page. So if you have too many links, the authority is divided into very small amounts and in this way you don’t focus to any particular page.

  • Have Danglings - Dangling pages are the pages that have no links for other webpages. Danglings lead to PageRank losses, since they evaporate all the amount of PageRank that they receive. Some examples of danglings are the PDF files, the Powerpoint presentations (PPT), the HTML pages that have no in them etc.

  • Have Broken Links - Broken or deadlinks are the links that no longer point to an existing page of the site. This could happen due to page removal, due to the close down of a domain or even due to the addition of a wrong URL. Broken links evaporate PageRank and reduce user experience, so make sure you regularly check for dead links.

  • Have lots of followed external links - External links are the links that point to external domains. The more external links you have, the larger amount of PageRank is lost from your site. In order to reduce these amounts place those links in a low PageRank page. Additionally make sure you don’t spread them to all the pages of your site but gather them into a single page.

  • Use rel=”nofollow” - Nofollowed links are the links that contain the attribute rel=”nofollow” and they are blocked so that they don"t pass PageRank juice of your site. On summer of 2009, Google changed the way it handles the nofollowed links and started to evaporate the pagerank that they receive. So have in mind that whenever you use this attribute you lose PageRank of your site. In order to avoid this situation you can use methods that help you maintain the PageRank of your site. These methods can be applied whether you want to nofollow the external links or perform PageRank sculpting.

  • Use irrelevant anchor texts - The links not only pass PageRank but also contain information about the target page. This info is displayed as the text of the link and it contains valuable details about the topic of the linked webpage of the site. Search engines use in their ranking algorithms this info and thus it is of great importance that you use your important keywords in the anchor text of all your links. Also have in mind that links like “click here” do not provide useful information to your users and thus reduce the user experience.

  • Use Flash, JavaScript, Applet, Silverlight or Image menu - Even if search engines try to parse the non HTML components of the site, they still don’t do great job. Thus it is highly recommended to have an HTML/CSS menu for navigation of the site. This enables you to improve your page’s loading time and optimize your link structure by passing the PageRank juice to the important pages, using relevant anchor texts etc. Additionally your site will be accessible to people that have turned off the JavaScript or the other browser plugins.

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  • Working with 72interactive is an enriching AND exasperating experience.

    Enriching, because the level of commitment and service is top notch. Exasperating, because a number of times, they will go beyond the brief and force you to think beyond what you are comfortable with which in turn leads to a much better deliverable.
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  • We had engaged Mr. Amit Shroff of 72 Interactive for designing and hosting of our web site, we found his ideas very creative and intuitive and our web site i.e. www. has come out very well and is being appreciated by one and all. We wish him success in all the projects he under takes.

    Badri Nath
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  • The team at 72interactive took great care in designing our website and was very accommodating. We feel that they treated the development as their own, and frankly, we receive many comments from industry peers about its look and functionality.

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  • We are extremely satisfied with the creative aspect 72interactive has provided us with, We wanted our website to look very professional, creative and different than other sites and we got what we wanted!.

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