Empowering brands through branding, websites, e-commerce, and digital marketing for enhanced visibility.

72interactive is led by Amit Shroff, a seasoned professional with more than 23 years of extensive experience in the Digital Marketing & Advertising industry. With a strong focus on e-commerce over the past decade, Amit has an impressive track record of developing websites across diverse sectors including Travel & Hospitality, Entertainment, Corporate, Import & Export, Aviation, IT, Outsourcing, Banking, and more.

Having worked with renowned clients such as Microsoft, Airtel, International Tractors, Amkette, InterContinental Hotels, Holiday Inn, InterGlobe General Aviation, and well-known brands like Marriott, Hilton, Frito-Lay, Planman Motion Pictures, and IIPM, Amit holds an extensive expertise and practical experience in Web Design & Development, Multimedia & Business Presentation, Opensource & Custom Content Management System, Opensource & Custom E-commerce Solutions, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Whatsapp Marketing, and Social Media Strategy & Consulting. His proficiency spans a wide spectrum of services, reflecting his commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Amit"s career journey includes affiliations with esteemed interactive agencies like Planman, Webchutney, ISHIR Digital, and Creativenez. He holds a diploma in Multimedia (Pentasoft Technologies) and E-commerce (Asset International) from Calcutta University, Kolkata, India, where his outstanding achievements were recognized with merits and excellence.

With a foundation built on years of experience, 72interactive excels in Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Optimization. Explore our services sections to discover how we can collaborate on your upcoming projects, or browse our creative portfolio to witness the breadth of our capabilities.

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Unveiling Our Industry Reach: Nurturing Success Across Diverse Sectors

At 72interactive, our journey through diverse industries has been marked by a deep understanding of their distinct dynamics. We"ve honed our skills and knowledge across a wide spectrum, from guiding startups in retail and eCommerce such as TBS, Print a Wallpaper, and Le Petite Pantry, to empowering established brands like Amkette, Kapoor Lamp, and Bakerykart.

  • Retail & eCommerce: We"ve pioneered the transformation of startups like TBS, Print a Wallpaper, and Le Petite Pantry into thriving online marketplaces. With brands such as Amkette, Kapoor Lamp, and Bakerykart, we"ve elevated the digital shopping experience.
  • Automobile: Roaring into the automotive sector, we"ve fueled success for Competent Automobile, Rohan Motors, and industry giants like International Tractors, driving their online presence to the forefront.
  • Architect & Interior Design: Crafting digital blueprints, we"ve partnered with AHK Design Studio, Thibodeau Architecture + Design, and more, reshaping online spaces with creative finesse.
  • Consumer Products: From Bakerykart to Kejriwal Honey and Costa Coffee, we"ve orchestrated captivating digital showcases for diverse consumer offerings.
  • Medical: Navigating the digital health landscape, we"ve nurtured the online presence of Translumina, All on For Doctors, In-Home Care, and Health Bridge, fostering health and wellness connections.
  • IT Sector: Powering Emkor"s digital journey, we"ve coded success stories that align with their tech innovations.
  • Travel: Crafting digital passports for Vasco Travel, WTravel, and others, we"ve embarked on a journey of inspiring wanderlust through compelling online narratives.
  • Hospitality: Extending the hospitality of renowned names like Holiday Inn into the digital domain, we"ve woven immersive stories that invite exploration.
  • Corporate: Elevating corporate profiles, from GreenBean Ventures to others, our digital prowess has amplified engagement and growth.
  • Import/Export: Seamlessly connecting global trade through digital channels, we"ve illuminated brands like Kejriwal Honey, Beez Honey, SRV Controls, and Everlight International.
  • Manufacturing: Marrying precision with digital craftsmanship, Ashok Rubber and Liberty Metal have found their digital voice, echoing across the manufacturing landscape.

As your digital partner, our industry understanding, paired with creative innovation, has continuously carved a unique digital trajectory for each sector. Your brand"s journey is our canvas, and we blend our industry knowledge with your aspirations to craft narratives that resonate across the digital spectrum.